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SANSHO Cosmetainment series

Our lineup, resulting from our long-accumulated technology and know-how, are developed based on the concepts of “simple care,” “ease of continuation due to high efficacy,” “exciting cosmetics that appeal to the senses,” and “cosmetics that add fun to daily life,” and are used repeatedly many customers.

Cosmetainment concept

Simple care
We do not use ingredients that are not conducive to beautiful skin.
A skincare regimen that is one rank above the rest, simple yet effective.
Ease of continuation due to high efficacy
In this day and age, even high-end cosmetics are not supported if they don’t deliver results.
With visible results, continuation is the obvious preference. We aim to deliver products that achieve just that.
Skin that glows from the inside
Dryness, UV rays, harmful emissions, etc... Women nowadays face a variety of factors that cause skin troubles.
We want to bring out the innate, vibrant beauty of women who are confident in their own skin.
This is what we wish to achieve through these products.
Cosmetics that add fun to daily life
Cosmetics are used daily, so we want to add some fun to the process.
In addition to the visual impact at the storefront, we also add to Sansho Cosmetainment products unique features that make them fun to use.