About our signature material

Algae Gel Capsules

Algae Gel Capsules are manufactured based on the product plan.


A capsule-type cosmetic, packed full of efficacious ingredients. The algae capsules themselves are highly hydrating, resulting in a product that is great for the skin with a unique visual impact. Patent No. 3151169

Details of the signature material

Advantages of capsules

Active ingredients are encased in capsules, preventing quality deterioration from UV rays and oxidation. This allows even ingredients that easily deteriorate to be included in the formula. Oils, which normally require the help of surfactants to blend in, can be packed into the capsules, creating a product that is non-sticky yet gentle to the skin.

- Superior ability to maintain freshness
- Pleasant to use without stickiness
- Net structure maintains moisture well

- Scrub effect from the capsules
- Moisturizing and tightening effect from the algae-derived ingredient
- Visual impact of the visible active ingredients

Moisturizing with the algae-derived ingredient

The algae-derived ingredient used in the capsules acts not only as a container, but also has its own positive effects including moisturizing, tightening, and anti-aging. Also, the capsule hardness can be adjusted to create a scrub that is gentle to the skin. Lotions, essences, cleansing agents... The product possibilities are endless. It is our signature product providing great effect, usability and visual impact.


Dispersed type: Capsules are dispersed and float in the beauty serum.
Packed type: Containers are packed full of big capsules.
Oil-encased type: Oil ingredients are encased in the capsules.
Oil-free type: Contains no oil ingredients.
Natural color type: Capsules are colored with natural substances instead of pigments.
Large capsule type: Very large capsules not found in other company products. Recommended for jar-type containers.

*Capsule sizes can be adjusted from 1 mm to 7 mm.

How to use

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Pressing the pump breaks and mixes the algae capsules into the gel as it is dispensed.
  3. Apply to a few spots,
  4. and spread over entire face
  5. to hydrate your skin.

Frequently asked questions about Algae Gel Capsules

Questions about usage
1. Do the capsules melt at body temperature? Do they become smaller with friction?

They do not melt at body temperature, and they do not become smaller with friction.

2. The capsules don't break very easily, and there is some residue. Should all the capsule essence be rinsed off after use?

The capsule products should not be rinsed off, although there are some exceptions.

Questions about the design
1. What is this product? Is it a beauty serum? Do you also have foundation or cleansing products?

Capsules are mostly used for beauty serums. There are also toners, creams, and face washes. We have not yet created foundation or cleansing (makeup remover) using them.

2. Why do you use capsules?

We use them so that the active ingredients encased in the capsules can remain fresh until they are absorbed into the skin, and because the visual impact is unique and appealing.

3. Don’t the capsules dissolve in the external solution?

No, the formula is designed so they do not dissolve by the external solution.

4. Can amino acids, vitamins and collagen be encased in the capsules?

The capsules are made with a gelled algin acid, a konbu- (kelp-) derived ingredient, so it is possible to encase such ingredients to a certain degree.

5. How do you color the pearl-colored capsules?

We blend in the pearl pigment.

6. Can you develop a light-resistant capsule essence (in which the capsules don't sink)?

Yes, we can use a light-resistant thickener.

7. We want to distribute small packages as promotional goods. Can you make them?

We can’t create small packages while perfectly maintaining the capsule shape.

8. Can the capsule essence be used for quasi-drugs?

We are currently working on this.

9. What is the biggest capsule size?

About 7 mm for mass production.

10. Can you add fragrance?


11. Can you make a foundation using the capsules?

We can make bases.

Other questions
1. What is the approximate sale price of the product?

It depends on the container volume and formula, but the approximate price is between 4,000 and 17,000 yen, sold at department stores, through door-to-door sales and mail order, etc.