About our signature material

Booster Oil Sheet

Special skincare while you sleep


Compared to water-based gels, oil gels allow better absorption of active ingredients into the skin, and are milder, allowing them to remain in contact with the skin for longer hours; this results in the active ingredients reaching deep into the skin.

Details of the signature material

Keep it applied for ample permeation

Water-based gel sheets often found in stores have the disadvantage of drying up after a while, losing their efficacy.
This oil sheet can continuously deliver active ingredients in high concentration from the base oil gel for a long time.
The longer it stays on the skin, the better the results.


Fits perfectly onto the skin

Water-based gel sheets feel cool to the skin, but they also stress the skin by using a lot of adhesive agents.
This product does not use any adhesive agents; the oil gel itself attaches to the skin, making it gentle to the skin even when being peeled off. Please leave it on the skin all night.


Mineral type: Low-price type

Natural plant oil type: Highly adhesive type

Astaxanthin type: Astaxanthin care with an antioxidant effect

Vitamin C type: High concentration of oil-soluble vitamin C with a whitening effect

Other: The back of the sheet can be transparent type, nonwoven fabric type, etc.

Varied shapes: For eyes (comma-shaped), for pinpoint care, for the décolleté (rectangular strips), for nails (butterfly-shaped), etc.

How to use

  1. Stick to the problem area
  2. and sleep.
  3. Hydrates the skin all night without drying up
  4. Fully recharged, the skin is revived.

Frequently asked questions about Booster Oil Sheet

Questions about usage
1. What is the oil treatment mask?

Partial masks using adhesive sheets. The sheets are coated with an oil-based gel. Normal sheets use water-based gel, but as the name suggests, the oil sheet uses an oil-based gel. It doesn't hurt when being peeled off. Its features are better skin absorption and high concentration of oil-soluble ingredients.

2. How do you use it?

Think of it as a partial mask. The standard use is to place the sheets on blemishes and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth before going to bed, and peel them off in the morning.

3. Are oil sheets difficult to get hold of?

There are only one or two domestic manufacturers for these sheets, so they are difficult to find.

4. Don’t they peel off while you sleep? Aren’t they uncomfortable?

Excessive sweating or rolling over during sleep can cause the sheets to peel off. Oil sheets adhere very well to the skin, so discomfort is minimal.

5. For normal skin, how many hours do the sheets stay on?

According to our research, usually between eight and 10 hours.

6. When should they be used?

It depends on the purpose, but we recommend applying the sheet before going to bed.

7. Can I use oil treatment after using the essence? Can synergetic effects be expected?

That would probably be very effective.

Questions about the design
1. Can you give it a fragrance using essential oils?

Yes, but oils that are highly irritating or photo-oxidized (citrus oils) are not suitable for oil sheets intended to stay on the skin for a long time.

2. It says a high concentration of oil-soluble ingredients is possible. What is the possible percentage? Please give me an example of an existing product.

30% of VC and 5 to 10% of VE, but they cannot be blended at high percentages at the same time.

3. Are there limitations to what can be added to the formula?

Water-soluble ingredients are kept at 0.1% or lower. There are also limitations regarding the base oil.

4. Is it possible to avoid using mineral oils?

We can use plant oils for the product.

5. Can we use nonwoven fabric that is not white?

It is possible, but the lot size will need to be larger since we would have to buy a whole roll of the nonwoven fabric.

Other questions
1. What is the approximate sale price of the product?

It depends on the number of sheets and the formula, but the approximate price is between 1,000 and 3,000 yen, sold at variety stores and cosmetics shops, through mail order, etc.