About our signature material

Dead Skin Peeling Gel

New cleansing item! Dead Skin Peeling Gel


A product with immediately visible results, turning protein substances, such as dead skin cells and other buildup, white.

Details of the signature material

Eliminates dullness for a bright complexion

When the turnover cycle is disturbed, dead skin cells remain and cause dullness.

The Dead Skin Peeling Gel is a perfect product for those who wish to reboot their skin.
Dead skin cells flake off with just a gentle massage, resulting in smooth skin with drastically improved penetrability of lotions, etc.

No damage to the skin

Conventional peeling agents peel by melting or rubbing... They stress the skin a great deal. Instead, this gel absorbs and reacts to loose proteins and amino acids on the epidermis to remove them, realizing a gentle peeling of the skin that does not rely solely on physical friction.


Standard type: Removes unwanted dead skin cells without damaging the skin barrier.

In-the-bath type: Can be used in the bath.

Milky type: Moisturizing formula with oil.

Charcoal type: Higher peeling effect compared to the standard type, with the added deodorizing effect of charcoal.
(For men, for the body, for feet, etc.)

Other: High-viscosity type, another moisturizing type, etc.

How to use

  1. Wash your face and towel-dry.
  2. Apply to five spots
  3. and gently massage.
    Dead skin cells will flake off.
  4. Rinse away with cold or lukewarm water
  5. The same lotion moisturizes better!

Frequently asked questions about Dead Skin Peeling Gel

Questions about usage
1. Why do substances flake off? Are they really dead skin cells from the face?

Because the product reacts to proteins such as dead skin cells, sebum and perspiration. Dead skin cells really do flake off. Please try the product twice on the same spot for confirmation.

2. Why does the skin become white immediately after the dead skin cells flake off while massaging? The skin color goes back to normal after a while...

The skin becomes cleaner and smoother with a finer texture, and appears brighter (whiter), reflecting light, etc.

3. I heard it is best to use it two or three times a week. Shouldn’t it be used every day?

It depends on the condition of the skin and the season, but two to three times a week would be better.

4. Are there any harmful effects on the skin if used continuously for about 10 years?

Our older products are more than 10 years old since their launch, but there are no reports of harmful effects.

5. When using the product on the face, how much should be used for one wash?

For the face, two to three pumps (approx. 3 g) would be the standard amount.

6. Doesn't the product over-strip the skin?

No, because the flaky substances cling to and remove only the already-loosened dead skin cells.

Questions about the design
1. How is it different from chemical peeling?

Chemical peeling physically dissolves dead skin cells using ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid, but our peeling gel works by producing flaky substances when massaged that remove loose dead skin cells, so it is gentle to the skin.

2. There are many different peeling gels. Do the ingredients differ depending on the distributor?

Each distributor has its own formula with varying ingredients.

3. Are there some ingredients that should not be added?

Since the peeling gel itself reacts to proteins, proteins (amino acids) should not be added.

4. Can it be colored?

It can be colored using both artificial and natural pigments. However, natural colorings, since they are natural, can fade. Fading of natural colorings accelerates in places with high temperature and light, so storage must be chosen with care.

Questions regarding packaging material
1. Are there suitable/unsuitable containers?

Pump bottles are suitable. For tubes, those that are multi-layered with a not-too-wide opening are suitable. The containers chosen by our customers are tested for adequacy before commercialization.

Other questions
1. We heard this gel should be rinsed away. Can I do it as normal in the bathroom sink? Won’t it clog the drain or harm the environment?

It is possible that the product may cause the drain to clog, so we recommend using tissues or cotton pads to lightly brush away the flakes on the face before rinsing your face.

2. What is the approximate sale price of the product?

It depends on the container volume and formula, but the approximate price is between 1,500 and 6,000 yen, sold at drugstores, variety stores, cosmetics shops or salons, through mail order, etc.