About our signature material

Liquid Eyeliner

Accented eyes that won't smudge with water or tears


Surprisingly watery yet quick-drying formula. Once dry, the waterproof line won’t smudge, even with tears. An unprecedented and satisfying result for our female customers. Patent No. 4047204.

Details of the signature material

Sparkly eyes in a flash

The Sanshokaken Liquid Eyeliner succeeded in using a unique dispersing technique to keep the sparkly powder uniformly distributed, even in water-based solutions.
Black, brown, blue, red... Sparkly lamé powder, together with your favorite base color, can be applied easily and uniformly at any time.
Blend with a clear solution for highlights, use together with a thicker brush for eye shadow...
A wide variety of products can be manufactured, depending on the powder type.

Quick-drying and waterproof

The water-based formula dries in only 20 seconds, and becomes waterproof.
Can be removed with a warm shower (38 degrees or warmer water).

Quick-drying test

  1. 1. サラッと塗って20秒1. Apply and wait 20 seconds
  2. 2. 水につけて2. Dip in water
  3. 3. 濡れても…3. Even when wet...
  4. 4. ふき取ってみると4. and wiped...
  5. 5. 色落ちしていません5. it doesn't come off!

How to use

リキッドアイライナーのお手入れ方法。1.水溶性なので塗りやすい2.適量を目頭から目尻に向かって3. 20秒で乾きます4.あとは濡れても大丈夫