About our signature material

Triple-Layered Cleansing Oil

Colorful and functional cleansing


A triple-layered cleansing oil. The blend of oil and water-based moisturizing agents can be arranged to achieve the desired goal.

Details of the signature material

Gentle on the skin

This product is separated into three layers because the amount of surfactant used is kept to a minimum. Since only the amount of surfactant necessary to remove skin oil and makeup is used, the cleansing experience is non-sticky yet gentle to the skin. Shake to blend the three layers for thorough removal of makeup.

Colorful and cute

The color variation can appeal to users.
Why not create a unique product with your own formula and color combinations?

Natural, plant-derived ingredients lift up makeup and other oil-based buildup.

Buildup lifted by the oil is blended with water by the cleansing agent to remove it from the skin.

Moisturizing ingredient replenishes the skin.


Natural oil blend type: We offer a squalane type and an olive oil type.

Mineral oil type: We use mineral oils that are also used as food additives.

How to use

  1. Have fun shaking!
  2. Put some on your palm (about the size of a quarter)
    (Use with dry hands and skin).
  3. Work it in using circular motions,
  4. and rinse it away with cold or lukewarm water.
  5. Moist finish

Frequently asked questions about Triple-Layered Cleansing Oil

Questions about usage
1. Can it be used as a mascara remover?

The signature material does not have the cleansing ability to remove mascara.

2. The cleansing oil is supposed to be rinsed off. Can it also be wiped off?

It can be wiped off, but it may leave a sticky feeling, so we recommend users to rinse it off.

Questions about the design
1. After shaking the container to blend the layers, how long does it take for the three layers to form again?

It takes about a day to for the three layers to completely separate again, but it only takes about 20 minutes for three fuzzy layers to reform.

2. What are the advantages of the three layers aside from the pleasing visual impact?

As can be seen with the layers, a third of the formula is moisture, which improves the product’s skin-hydrating properties compared to other oil cleansing products. Also, since the amount of surfactant used to remove buildup is kept to a minimum, it is gentle to the skin. Simplified, the oil blends with the makeup, the surfactant lifts the buildup, and the moisture replenishes the skin.

3. Aside from the three layers, can you also make products with two or four layers?

We can and have already created two-layer products, which are currently on sale.

4. Why aren't the three layers uniform?

Temperature affects the height of each layer, but it could also be that the product formula was uneven from the start.

5. Can you make the product in any color?

We can use any certified color, but the center layer (surfactant) will always be yellow. (The yellow of the middle layer may change in response to the top and the bottom layer colors, but the base will be yellow). In the past, we have used red (cyanocobalamin and lithospermum root), green (copper chlorophyll) and blue (spirulina) natural ingredients to color the layers. However, please keep in mind that natural ingredients fade. To delay the fading, we recommend blocking the light by, for example, boxing the container. The ingredient that fades the fastest is lithospermum root. We can make red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange and brown colors from natural ingredients, but there are limitations to which layer they can color.

6. When a product is colored with natural ingredients and stored in a cool dark place, how long will it take for the colors to fade?

They will not all fade at once, but it will be a gradual process. Since we have no criteria for judging "fading" or the degree of fading that is acceptable, and there are individual differences in the natural ingredients, it is difficult to provide a specific length of time.

7. Are there oils that don’t have an oily smell?

We recommend squalane, liquid paraffin, etc.

Questions regarding packaging material
1. We want to make small packages as promotional goods. Is that possible?

We don’t recommend it, since it is difficult to judge whether the balance of the content is adequate in small containers.

Other questions
1. Cleansing oils are considered more effective than other cleansing agents (milk or cream). Is this due to the properties of the oils? Also, are there cautionary instructions regarding usage or storage that differ from those for other cleansing agents?

They cleanse better due to the effects of oils, esters and surfactants. As for storage, please keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, just like other cleansing agents.

2. What is the approximate sale price of the product?

It depends on the container volume and formula, but the approximate price is between 3,000 and 4,500 yen, sold through mail order, etc.