About our signature material

Water Gel

Surfactant-free! Silicone cosmetics with absolutely no stickiness


The netted structures made with silicone are packed full of moisturizing agents. When pressure is applied, the net structures break and the moisture flows out.

Details of the signature material

Water gushes out?! A mysterious gel

A new type of gel whose lotion gushes out when pressed between the fingers. (Surfactant-free) The active ingredients are encased until right before use, so the product is always fresh.

Simple & speedy

One product can replenish water and oil at the same time.
For example, in your skincare regimen, you just need one step, instead of lotion -> emulsion -> makeup base. A thin veil of silicone allows the foundation to glide on smoothly. The product can be transformed in many ways, such as skincare products for traveling, skincare for men.
Utilizing the transformation from gel to liquid, it can also be used for body lotion as well as hair care and styling products.


Beauty gel type: Beautifying agent (lotion or beauty serum) seeps out upon application.

Thermal type: There is a warming sensation upon application. Perfect for massages.

Perspiration type: Induces perspiration in addition to the warming sensation. Perfect for salons.

Cleansing type: Preservative-free, surfactant-free type.

The makeup lifts up from the skin, providing visual confirmation of the cleansing effect.

How to use

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Take some on your palm (about the size of a nickel)
  3. Mix it lightly
  4. and blend it into the skin.
  5. The lotion hydrates your skin.
    • The silicone veil maintains moisture.
    • No makeup base necessary!

Frequently asked questions about Water Gel

Questions about usage
1. Why does water come out of the gel when I rub it between my hands?

The oil-based netted structure that encases the moisture breaks, releasing the water-based moisturizer.

Questions regarding packaging material
1. Can the tube be made of any material?

We request that you use multi-layered tubes.

2. Are there any limitations regarding the tube filling?

Due to our production equipment specifications, we ask that you use containers with an opening with an inner diameter of 8 Φ or larger. There are possible solutions for container openings of less than 8 Φ, so please feel free to consult us.

3. Are pump bottles usable?

We recommend tubes due to the product characteristics, but pump bottles may be used in some cases, so please feel free to consult us.

Other questions
1. Is this product patented?

A patented formulation of the material manufacturer.

2. What is the approximate sale price of the product?

It depends on the container volume and formula, but the approximate price is between 1,000 and 4,500 yen, sold at drugstores and other locations.