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Candyserum -キャンディセラム-

Encasing beautifying formula
into Algae Gel Capsules.


Candy Serum is a soft gel capsule, whose film is made from an algae-derived ingredient with a highly hydrating property. The capsule protects beautifying ingredients that are prone to UV ray damage, maintains freshness, and prevents the deterioration of oils, etc. that are prone to oxidation. The product can also hydrate the skin and prevent chapping due to the effects of the algae-derived ingredient. Currently the most recommended product of Sanshokaken K.K.!



I want to make cosmetics that are different from other companies. I wish there were companies that would give me some proposals...
I have never produced cosmetics. I wish there were companies that could give me a comprehensive proposal, including about the container...



What is the Algae Gel Soft Capsule (nickname: Candy Serum)?

Capsules made of a highly hydrating algae
-derived ingredient,packed full of
beautifying ingredients

At the end of a long day, give your skin the gift of candy.

Patented onPatent contentPatent number
January 19, 2001Capsule-encased cosmetic product and its manufacturing method (algin acid)Patent No. 3151169
February 14, 2014Capsule-encased cosmetic product (pectin)Patent No. 5472784


Using only Algae Gel Soft Capsules is also possible.
*Capsule size can be up to 7 mm.

Beauty serum full of hydrating oils and ingredients
Shampoo with capsules full of beautifying ingredients
Beautifying gel cream with high moisturizing effect as a special skincare step


Blending in what was previously considered difficult—such as high concentrations of oil/silicone/fragrance ingredients, or water-soluble low-molecular substances (peptides, etc.)—is now possible!


Wide-ranging uses, including high-concentration beauty serums and shampoos for beauty salons!


They were very flexible and accommodating at various steps of the manufacturing process. This was the first time for us to produce cosmetics, but we were able to succeed in creating a product with our own original ingredient.

Every time we asked if they have any nice new ideas, they would answer with a proposal. The employees are lively and energetic, which made working together with them a pleasure.


[1] Inquiry
The sales representative in charge will contact you.
He/she will listen to your ideas and wishes, and either send you some reading material or arrange a meeting.
*Inquiries are usually answered within three business days.
[2] Planning
We will investigate further about your product image (product characteristics, sales routes, quantity, series, color, fragrance, containers, package design, etc.).
Then, based on our unique and original signature materials, we will propose a product plan to you.
[3] Sample production
Based on the formulated plan, a prototype will be created so that the usability and other aspects of the product can be tested.
When necessary, an adjusted prototype will be manufactured so that the usability, etc. may be checked again.
[4] Container/package design
We will collaborate with design companies and container manufacturers to propose containers and packages that meet your needs.
[5] Commercial production to finishing/completion
After the product development, product design, various quality tests, regulatory application and procurement of ingredients/materials, we begin manufacturing your product.This is the moment where your original, safe, high-quality, one-of-a-kind cosmetic product is born.

*What is OEM/ODM?

Cases where we work with you from step [3] of the above are called Original Equipment Manufacturing, or OEM.

Cases where we work with you from step [2] of the above are called Original Design Manufacturing, or ODM.



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