About Us


Sanshokaken philosophy=Cosmetainment


Entertainment that shares [fun], [wonderment] and [elation] with customers through the development, manufacture and sales of Cosmetics.
The philosophy that was born through our corporate activities and that we uphold is COSMETAINMENT, a newly coined word combining “cosmetics” and “entertainment.”

We aim to create products that bring fun to our customers and consumers.
As an OEM/ODM manufacturer that handles everything from planning and design to development, we propose surprises that exceed expectations.
As a cosmetics OEM manufacturer, we have accumulated more than 50 years of manufacturing experience in cooperation with our customers, and we will continue to do so in the 21st century and even beyond. COSMETAINMENT (manufacturing of elating cosmetics) with its high technological skills and global competitiveness stands firmly on this foundation.

Passion for “only-one”

We conduct research and development in order to provide a one-of-a-kind product concept with “visual impact” that provides impact, “functionality” that yields results, and “originality” for each customer.
Please let us help you realize your vision.

If you would like to create cosmetics,
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Continued challenge to attain
the No. 1 niche market share

We assume that niche markets grow into global markets. Our policy is to propose original products that match the concept and sales routes of the customer, while providing detailed support.

Example of No. 1 niche
product of Sanshokaken

Secure and reliable manufacturing management

We manufacture our products using production equipment dedicated to improving production efficiency and realizing competitive costs, so that we may plan, develop and manufacture signature materials with originality.

Introduction of the Reliability Guarantee Department,
the “guard” of Sanshokaken