Quality Standards

Quality Standards


High-level quality standards

ISO 22716 certified
With ISO 22716 certification for cosmetics, we provide safe, high-quality cosmetic products.
Cosmetics GMP standards
We are committed to product manufacturing, control and storage that meet globally recognized cosmetics GMP standards.
Advertising and indication in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
Our advertisement and quality indications are clear, simple and compliant with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

Stringent inspection system

Before a product is finished, it must pass through multiple, stringent testing, as indicated below, as necessary.

Prototype stage

  • Challenge test
  • Stability test
  • Organoleptic test
  • Quantitative test (only for quasi-drugs)
  • Container test

(A safety test, functionality test and sunlight exposure test may be conducted in some cases.)

Manufacturing stage

  • Acceptance inspection (ingredients, materials)
  • Physical test (pH, specific gravity, viscosity, etc.)
  • Microbial test (bacteria, fungi)
  • Organoleptic test
  • Sampling inspection during the filling process

Reliable managing committees

Quality Control Committee
A committee participated in by each division of the company. Spirited debates occur on a daily basis to devise measures to improve quality.
Safety & Health Committee
A committee to ensure clean and hygienic status. It is committed to improving the hygienic status through regular patrolling and other measures.


Sanshokaken provides safe and high quality products to our customers.

Sanshokaken makes various efforts to manufacture safe, reliable and stable cosmetic products, prioritizing “assured quality until the customer uses the last drop of the product.” Improvement and preventive measures are taken by steadily operating the quality management system.