The OEM business and sales.
One complements the other.

When the R&D Department comes up with an exciting signature material, when an idea regarding future demand for cosmetics is realized, or when an in-house project yields a truly sensuous product, we at Sanshokaken manufacture such products in small lots and send them out into the market.
We then gain direct feedback from our customers in order to confirm whether the new product matches their needs, whether the product is pleasant to use, etc., and use this information to improve our cosmetic products even further.
Also, the know-how accumulated through our own sales is fully utilized when proposing products and ideas to our OEM customers.

Sanshokaken supports those who wish to produce cosmetics.

The OEM business of Sanshokaken proposes one-of-a-kind cosmetic product ideas for each of our customers willing to work with us in creating such cosmetics. Our support backed by established know-how and solid technologies is offered to our customers every step of the way from development to manufacturing, and even sales.

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